David Cathey, PhD

Welcome to our web site! We are honored that you have taken the time to visit us and hope you will discover the many exciting reasons to visit the beautiful country of Turkey.

Several years ago tourism officials in Turkey began to emphasize their country’s spiritual roots by implementing a marketing program called Faith Tourism.

Since Turkey has played an important role in the history of three of the world’s largest religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Turkish officials decided to invite the world to visit their historic landmarks.

Faith Tourism Turkey (not associated with the Turkish government) was founded by Dr. David Cathey specifically to provide Christians an opportunity to take advantage of Turkey’s hospitality to travel through this country rich in biblical history and to dialogue with Muslims.

Dr. Cathey and Faith Tourism Turkey invite you to visit Turkey’s historic sites, peruse rich collections of religious artworks, and enjoy the people as you discover Turkey’s spiritual heritage.

Christian heritage is linked with this ancient land. As you travel from city to city you will meet many of the local people and spend time getting to know them.

On the road, you will stop frequently to enjoy the company of the wonderful Turkish people, listen to their life stories, and share yours with them. The interaction is enjoyable and easy!

In addition to the people, a visit to Turkey provides endless opportunities to learn about the Christian faith among the biblical ruins. Dr. Cathey serves as your personal guide and accompanies the group throughout the country.

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