Cross and Crescent Conversations

Have you ever met a Muslim? Have you ever spent time conversing with one? Did you know that most Turkish Muslims have never met a Christian? Cross and Crescent Conversations trips provide Christians and Muslims an opportunity to speak with one another.

Most Muslims are told what Christians believe by other Muslims, but have never spoken with a Christian. A Muslim friend asked, “How can so many people be wrong?”

Are you willing to participate in a Muslim – Christian dialogue? Most Muslims do not know Christians like you exist, even though they see old church buildings.

Muslims say, “I have never heard of a Protestant, what is one?” “I didn’t know Christians lived moral lives as good or better than Muslims.” “For a Christian to believe he will go to heaven seems to be arrogant.”

Are you willing to share your life and love with those who are curious about Christians? Then come to Turkey!

Muslims view Western society through the eyes of Hollywood and the media.

“Because of what I’ve seen on TV, I thought Christian women were all immoral.”

“Christians are polygamous since they marry and divorce readily.”

“How can an educated society have so much crime and drug abuse?”

Muslims’ understanding of Christianity builds upon centuries of tradition.

“I never knew Christians fasted. I thought we were the only ones that did that.”

“How can you have four different gospels or New Testaments that are contradictory to each other?”

“For God to offer forgiveness shows weakness.”

“Muslims honor their sons, so it is inconceivable for God to have a son and to forsake him.”

“I never knew most of the prophets are found in the Old Testament.”

How will you respond to these statements?

Muslims realize the Koran has much to say about Jesus.

Muslims believe guests could be God’s friends and welcome you.

Muslims respect prayer since prayer makes up a large part of their lives.

Muslims are curious about Christians and their family life.

Muslims wonder why there are so many Christian groups and versions of the Bible.

Christians can use both the Bible and Koran to explain the truth of Jesus Christ.

Christians are humbled by Middle Eastern hospitality and the open door to share their faith.

Christians find it easier to pray and to explain their beliefs in a society that makes no distinction between the secular and the sacred.

Christian’s home life will be challenged and enriched while interacting with Muslims families.

Christians can explain from the Holy Book how God is a Redeemer and not just a Judge.

Come and converse with friends that are incredibly hospitable in a Mediterranean culture.

If you are interested in coming to Turkey to participate in Cross and Crescent Conversations, please contact us. The cost is minimal and the rewards are great.