David Cathey, PhD

David Cathey, PhD

Dr. David Cathey, Christian Professor of History and Philosophy, is the founder of Faith Tourism: Turkey. For more than fifteen years he has lived in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. For the past nine years he has been leading educational tours throughout Turkey, the last four as a resident of Ephesus.

Dr. Cathey is currently at the Ephesus Learning Center in Ephesus in addition to being an adjunct professor in the US. Some time ago he discovered, and would like for you to see firsthand, that Turkey is a land rich in biblical history ready to be explored! Dr. Cathey knows the country better than the Apostle Paul, Noah, and Abraham ever did having traveled through all the “highways and hedges” more frequently than the patriarchs!

A registered tour agent in the USA, Dr. Cathey founded Faith Tourism: Turkey to promote tourism among Christians. Although our name is similar to the Turkish government’s ad campaign, “Faith Tourism”, we are not associated with the Turkish government or the government of any other country.

Our desire is for Christians to experience the land of the New Testament first hand and to grow in their faith as a result. Also, we hope Christians and Muslims will see this as an opportunity to spend some time together in conversation.

Come and see. I am confident you will like what you find!