Early Church History

If the Old and New Testaments were not enough, look at the earliest Apostolic Fathers and you will see they were primarily in the Anatolian region of modern Turkey. Many of the ancient texts relating to the earliest churches were discovered or written by men from these old areas.

The Didache was found by a Bishop from Nicomedia, who lived in the area of ancient Bithynia. Written in the 1st century the oldest text of the Letter of Barnabas was found in an old church in Istanbul.

Early Church Father and martyr, Ignatius of Antioch, wrote letters to the earliest Christian communities in Anatolia at Ephesus, Magnesia, Tralles, Philadelphia, Smyrna. He also penned a personal letter to Polycarp of Smyrna which added to our understanding of early Christian beliefs and practices.

Polycarp, who heard the Apostle John speak, wrote a theological letter/epistle while in Smyrna and became famous since his martyrdom was one of the early churches’ oldest recorded scandalous events.

Papias of Hierapolis (Laodecia) possibly heard the Apostle John and was a friend of Polycarp.

Many others wrote from the Asia Minor region (Euphrates, Phrygia, Patara ( Mediterranean coast), and Sardis) during the earliest beginnings of the Church. The

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