Cross and Crescent Conversations

Have you ever met a Muslim? Have you ever spent time conversing with one? Did you know that most Turkish Muslims have never met a Christian? Cross and Crescent Conversations trips provide Christians and Muslims an opportunity to speak with one another.

Most Muslims are told what Christians believe by other Muslims, but have never spoken with a Christian. A Muslim friend asked, “How can so many people be wrong?”

Are you willing to participate in a Muslim – Christian dialogue? Most Muslims do not know Christians like you exist, even though they see old church buildings.

Muslims say, “I have never heard of a Protestant, what is one?” “I didn’t know Christians lived moral lives as good or better than Muslims.” “For a Christian to believe he will go to heaven seems to be arrogant.”

Are you willing to share your life and love with those who are curious about Christians? Then come to Turkey!

Muslims view Western society through the eyes of Hollywood and the media.

“Because of what I’ve seen on TV, I thought Christian women were all immoral.”

“Christians are polygamous since they marry and divorce readily.”

“How can an educated society have so much crime

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Travel Opportunities

The Other Holy Land Tour

This tour provides an opportunity to study the Bible in a biblical land. Join Dr. David Cathey, Christian Professor of History and Philosophy, on a Bible study tour like no other.

Can you imagine reading the book of Ephesians in Ephesus? Or while walking down the streets of Galatia and other Biblical places? These trips are a blessing to everyone.

We do not have set dates for these trips. As much as possible we attempt to work around your schedule and plan accordingly. At some point we may need to have set dates, but until that time comes please take advantage of our flexibility and come when you can.

Trips are held throughout the year. If you would like to participate, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out the enquiry form. Let us know when you would like to come and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Estimated cost per person:

Round-trip airfare plus daily ground costs. Please contact us to see what the current cost is for hotel, food, and local transportation. Any purchases you may make beyond these items are your own additional expenses.

Cross and

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Ephesus: Ancient and Modern

As an ancient city Ephesus was preferred by many Romans as the dwelling place of choice, even above Rome. Today Selcuk-Ephesus is a retirement city for Turks and has a farming community.

Ancient Ephesus was the largest city in Roman Asia and one of the largest in that era. Today Selcuk-Ephesus is smaller than the many neighboring seaside resorts, but more frequented by tourists.

Ancient Ephesus had the greatest wonder of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Temple of Diana/Artemis. Today Selcuk-Ephesus has the house of the Virgin Mary according to the Roman Catholic Church.

Ancient Ephesus had the Apostle John’s Tomb and St. John’s Basilica. Modern Selcuk-Ephesus continues to be a pilgrimage site for Christians.

Ancient Ephesus was a center for learning. Today Selcuk-Ephesus is a center for historical-archeological studies.

Ancient Ephesus was a cosmopolitan port town where new ideas were exchanged. Modern Selcuk-Ephesus is a popular destination for cruise ships and tourists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Ancient Ephesus was noted for gladiatorial combat and sports. Today Selcuk-Ephesus has water sports, beach, camel wrestling, and is near to the yet to be opened international golf course.

Ancient Ephesus was at the crossroads of both land and sea

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