Traveler Testimonies

Dr. Anthony L. Jordon, Executive Director, BGCO “Dr. Cathey is one of the most effective leaders and servants I know. He has a grasp of the people, culture, and language of Turkey. Dr. Cathey leads groups to visit the country where so much of the New Testament was lived including the churches of the Revelation. He has a tremendous way of leading groups to go where Paul went and do what Paul did!”

Dr. Keith Eitel, Cross-Cultural Specialist, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary “Dr. Cathey truly has a special calling to lead groups. Like the Apostle Paul he’s willing to meet people in the highways and byways. Traveling with him is a lesson in doing what Paul did, where Paul did it.”

Billie McDonald, Retired Teacher “Turkey, what a pleasant surprise to find such a beautiful country full of such warm, kind, and beautiful people. I had in mind that it would be like other Third World countries I had visited, but it is not. In eight days, I learned more history than I ever thought possible. The people won my heart and I will be going back in the spring and hopefully take another Team of tourists with me.”


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Facts About Turkey

Did you know that Turkey…

is known as the Cradle of Civilization borders three major seas (Black, Aegean, Mediterranean) was known as Asia Minor (Anatolia) is where the first Human Rights Declaration was stated in1463 is where Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot is the birthplace of King Midas has 70% of the population under 35 is where the train the Orient Express was destined was the center of two empires (Byzantine and Ottoman) provides the world with 70% of it’s hazelnuts has a 650 year old shopping mall with 65 streets and 3500 shops is the birthplace of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) became a modern republic in 1923 is where Noah’s Ark landed witnessed the first international treaty in 1284 B.C. is where the world famous Iznik tiles originated had two of the Seven Wonders of the World has historical relics pertaining to three of the world’s major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) has the world’s most valuable silk carpet provided water to the Garden of Eden from the Euphrates and Tigris is the birthplace of the Apostle Paul is where the Jews found refuge during the Inquisition in Europe is the location of Troy where the Trojan wars

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East-West Cross-Cultural Lessons

When you come to Turkey from America you must remember you are coming from an individualistic society in contrast to a collective/hierarchical society. Relationships are all important and money is not as important as friendships. Everything is centered around the relationships of a particular family or group.

Life is based on group decisions. A proverb says,”The one who runs ahead runs alone.” This culture is shame based so to be expelled from the family or community is the greatest fear.

For example, in the West, which is a guilt based culture, people break the law and either pay the penalty and/or are forgiven. Yet in a shame based society, loss of face, exposure of wrong-doing, and rejection are powerful deterrents that lead one to work toward social acceptance.

In this society “privacy” as foreigners know it is hard to come by. The entire community is involved in all of life’s issues and to not let others be involved is rude. Here one’s contacts or circle of friends is more important than the rule of law.

In Turkish culture time is not as important as friendship, family, and being with people. Westerners want to “do something” whereas Turks are more concerned

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